BEFORE + AFTER – Proven Training Results



When looking for a trainer, my priorities were simple, I wanted someone who’s down-to-earth, that I’d feel comfortable with, who’d help me reach my fitness and health goals – all before my wedding which was 10 months away. I was happy with all we achieved for the wedding and now, two years later, I’m still seeing improvements and enjoying training with Julian.

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Coming from someone who’s always been fairly active and who’s had personal trainers in the past, I knew pretty specifically what I wanted to get out of a commitment like this. Julian has met and exceeded all my expectations by being passionate and educated about this trade, by taking very much pride in his business and his services, and by making a point to understand my personal goals and structuring our program to meet them. He’s enthusiastic and attentive during our sessions and always makes me feel like I’m his top priority. He’s constantly changing up the exercises which keeps me motivated and happy to go. I think his positivity and accountability is what encouraged me want to work hard and succeed.

From my experiences, personal training, no matter what level you’re at, will make anyone feel great about themselves. Julian has been the complete package of an encouraging atmosphere, excellent service and focused dedication which not only got me to the physical results I wanted, but also built my confidence in ways I would not have expected.


My friend Clare and I did joint sessions with Julian beginning in the fall of 2008. I started doing individual sessions with him in January of 2009. I had done a half marathon earlier in 2008 and was a really active swimmer. I took some time off and couldn’t get back into shape. Clare started seeing Julian before her wedding doing the Buff Brides workout. She looked awesome at the wedding and we wanted to do a fun workout activity together but couldn’t decide on classes or anything that interested both of us. So we started going to Julian together, and I continued training with him until my wedding in 2010 and now I am still hooked.

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Training with Julian has been a lot of fun! Aside from helping me look great for my wedding, he has taught me a lot about fitness and since going to him I don’t really ever weigh myself anymore. I can tell by the workout and how I feel when I run or go to training how in shape I am. I can also tell now when my clothes fit better – the scale doesn’t mean much anymore because I understand strength training and eating fat burning foods and tons of other things he has taught me. Training with Julian gives me motivation to always want to be in shape. It is really easy to get caught up with work and social events. Looking forward to training sessions helps keep that balance. I want to always be able to work out like we do and feel as good as I do when results pay off.

I don’t think I have ever done the same workout twice. And over a period of three years, I think that says something! Workouts are fun and time passes quickly – especially in the morning before work when sometimes I would rather be lazy and sleep in. I have never worked out with another trainer before, but working out with Julian is such a difference from going to the gym and getting bored with cardio. It really doesn’t compare. My husband and I don’t even refer to my training with Julian as working out – he says, “Do you have Julian tomorrow” or I say, “I’m going to Julian,” “I have two Julians this week” because it’s not like going to the gym, or going to work out.

It is awesome!



I started training with Julian in Oct. 2011, I lost 25 lbs and got very toned, not to mentioned 3 sizes smaller! Julian brought my BFP down from a whopping unhealthy 30% to a fitness level of 21%!!!! I achieved all of this in just 4 ½ months. He wants you to reach your goals more than you do! Great location, great space, just overall the best!

If you’re looking for a personal trainer this is the place to go.



“My Best Decision of 2014”

Julian Walker is by far, the best trainer I’ve hired and the BEST decision I’ve made this year!!! In April, following a milestone birthday, I found myself in a deeply dissatisfied state about my fitness and appearance. My body had changed significantly in large part due to a prescribed treatment regimen for a serious medical diagnosis four years ago.

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I thought I’d have to accept this state of affairs and “deal with it”… Enter Julian: His professionalism, knowledge, encouragement and overall enthusiasm for his craft are unmatched! He pushes you, the sessions are tough but the change you both feel and see each week is why you hire him.

Julian is a rare combination of compassion and a truly inspiring force. I simply could not have achieved my results without him and would not have wanted to – he’s now an integral part of my fitness and health program.

Julian showed me the way to change when I doubted it was possible – I’m forever grateful.

Thank you JW!!!