Founder and Master Trainer

Julian Walker is a nationally certified Master Trainer, founder of The Julian Walker Studio in NYC and creator of the JULIAN WALKER FITNESS SYSTEM™.

Julian earned a MS in Exercise Science and Health Promotion and became a nationally certified personal trainer and member of five top academies of sports medicine including the National Academy of Sports Medicine, National Endurance Sports Trainers Association, the National Strength Conditioning Association, American Aerobic Association and the International Sports Medicine Association. He is CPR/AED certified through the American Heart Association.

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In the early 2000s, Julian was selected to be a Master Trainer on the Fit TV/Discovery Channel reality show Buff Brides, which featured the Buff Fitness System™ developed by Sue Fleming. Based on the strong response he received following his appearance on the show, Julian founded The Julian Walker Studio in 2006, with the goal of providing a professional, specialized studio space where his clients could focus solely on their fitness goals. He quickly built a loyal following of brides, moms-to-be and new mothers who experienced the benefits of his individualized training programs.

Julian has now integrated his experience and education to create the JULIAN WALKER FITNESS SYSTEM™, a superior Synergistic Training Program that approaches fitness from four key angles: Cardiovascular Conditioning, Strength Conditioning, Core Stability Training and Balance and Flexibility. The system works multiple muscle groups simultaneously, with the goal of creating a strong and balanced body. It utilizes the most progressive equipment and techniques, including TRX Suspension Training and Kettlebell Functional Strength Training. The targeted, rapid results the system achieves are ideal for bridal, natal and post natal clients, but also for anyone seeking peak physical conditioning. This program is available only at The Julian Walker Studio.

Julian Walker, a certified Master Trainer, has created an innovative fitness system available only at his Manhattan studio. The JULIAN WALKER FITNESS SYSTEM™ is geared to achieve significant body composition changes. Your overall fitness will be transformed through a specialized, synergistic 1:1 personal training system that achieves rapid and safe results.