Best Warm Up Routines Before a Workout

Best Warm Up Routines Before a Workout

 Setting aside the time to get in a workout is a refreshing chore for some and a daunting task for others. Whether the fitness activity is aerobic, strength building, or bits and pieces of both, which happens regularly with fitness being the new sport that it is, there is one task that is a part all types workouts.


Most structured workout programs include a warm-up period. The purpose of a warm-up routine is to prepare the muscles for a vigorous and stimulating workout.. Getting the muscles ready before going at it 100 percent enables a better performance and also reduces the risk of injury.


Get Your Motor Running!


So, what is the best warm-up routine before doing a workout?


There are two ways to approach warming up before exercising: general and specific areas.  Getting a light sweat  going is the objective of a general warm up. Running on a treadmill for a few minutes; running in place; or going through a series of exercises, such as running in place, jumping jacks, squats, and a set of push-ups.


General to Specific


The idea is to get loose, warm up the muscles; and get ready to go full force in a short period of time. A more specific warm up would depend upon and focus on the type of workout. If the workout of the day were centered on the chest and the back, the areas to work on would be the arms, pectoral muscles, trunk, neck, and core. If the workout were going to be high-impact aerobics, it would be vital to work on getting the lungs, legs, and core loosened up and ready to go.


A proper warm-up before working out increases the benefits derived from working out and will reduce the risks to getting injured as well.