The Importance of Exercise & the Julian Walker Fitness System

The Importance of Exercise & the Julian Walker Fitness System

JulianSpace3166Finding time to work out is difficult at best. Juggling work and family takes up most of the time available in a day and after you’ve eaten dinner, changed clothes, and relaxed for a while, it takes a lot of motivation to then hit the gym. Having a personal training like Julian Walker can hold you accountable though, and provide extra motivation when you’re lacking.

And since exercise can give you add a little pep to your step, or give you the extra energy you need to get through a challenging day, sticking to a routine is important for a healthy, active lifestyle. The Julian Walker Fitness System and TRX training programs, offer a full-body workout in less time, meaning you get the results you want without sacrificing too much time. Before you start any program though, keep these things in mind:

  • Decide

In order to start, you have to decide to do so.  Until you make a firm decision that you are going to make working out a habit, you won’t get it done. Decide that this is the time to start and do it.

  • Pick your poison

This is one of the important parts of beginning your fitness regimen. While we clearly recommend TRX training as the most bang for your buck, so to speak, you should choose a routine that you enjoy and will actually stick with.

  • Choose the right time

Picking the right time to work out is crucial, after all, skipping your workout over and over won’t get you anywhere. While studies have shown morning workouts tend to me the most efficient, the truth is, whatever time you actually feel comfortable with, is the best time to work out. (So if you’re not a morning person, don’t pressure yourself into making a morning workout.)

  • Set a reachable goal

Weight loss doesn’t happen overnight and intangible goals will sabotage your progress. Set a goal you can reach and once you beat it, set another one.

  • Stick to it

It takes two weeks to make anything a habit. So give it at least that long and watch the results start happening.

  • Measure yourself instead of weighing yourself

With TRX training, you lose fat and also build muscle; and if you didn’t know, muscle is heavier than fat. Because of this, the scale might show little to no movement, or worse – your weight could go up. Measuring yourself is more indicative of how the routine is working. Or just pay attention to how your clothes fit and how much stronger you feel or how much more endurance you have.

  • Let yourself cheat

Allow yourself to splurge once a week and then get back at it – don’t beat yourself up over an occasional splurge. If you’re sticking with your TRX training, then you deserve a treat every now and then.

  • Remember, rest days are important

Your body needs time to rest and heal itself. Rest days allow your body to rebuild itself from the effort you are engaging in and helps increase your stamina for the next workout.

  • Keep up the good work

Working out is a life change. Even after you have reached your goals, keep at it. It’s good for your body and will keep you in the shape you worked so hard to achieve.


Once you’re ready to commit, a personal trainer can help you create a plan to help you reach your goals. Contact the Julian Walker Studio online, or schedule a private training session to get started. If you’re in Manhattan, Murry Hill, Midtown East, Flatiron or 10016, there’s no reason you shouldn’t reach your fitness goals.