Why TRX Suspension Training is Best for Full-Body Workout

Why TRX Suspension Training is Best for Full-Body Workout


TRX suspension trainer is one of the most versatile piece of exercise equipment in the world. While it’s used by thousands of people of all fitness levels, the suspension trainer system was originally created to give the Navy Seals the required level workout in a minimum amount of space and time

The gear allows you to perform more than 300 exercises to help you work out and build strength throughout your entire body in a limited amount of time. The best part about the system is that a private or personal trainer like Julian Walker can help you determine the best moves for the results you want in the quickest time. The system utilizes your body weight to help you build strength in all focus areas, including shoulders, legs, arms and core. With TRX you have the liberty to customize and create your own routines to challenge yourself at any level.

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