5 Best Benefits of TRX Suspension Training at Julian Walker Studio

5 Best Benefits of TRX Suspension Training at Julian Walker Studio

Although it is fairly new in the world of fitness, TRX suspension training has already been deemed as one of the best, most well-rounded workouts that someone can choose. One of the reasons this fitness method is trending is because results can be seen after only a handful of sessions. The success rate and rapid results tend to be because the majority of people who try and stick with TRX training started with a private suspension trainer who has access to all the right equipment and proper techniques, so students learn the most effective way and efficient ways to jumpstart their healthier and fitter lifestyle.

After a few months of classes or sessions with a personal trainer at a location like Julian Walker Studio in Manhattan, most people become true advocates who let their results do the talking. Not only does a private trainer help ensure that gym members have a consistent workout, but the trainer can (safely) push them to their limits so they actually get the most out of their hour of work.

Still, beyond all of that, there are even better benefits that make TRX sessions with a trainer worth looking into and trying out:

  1. A Versatile Workout

The system of bands used for the exercises activate and strengthen every muscle in the entire body. Likewise, the suspension movements end up working out numerous muscles at the same time. That is how the best TRX trainers in Manhattan and elsewhere get such good results from their students and why people can see those improvements for themselves after only a handful of suspension training sessions.

  1. Substantially Increased Endurance

Along with building up muscle strength, TRX suspension training has also proven to boost users’ cardio abilities. By doing exercises slower or faster than normal, the lungs get a powerful workout while the heart gets stronger and healthier through regular practice.

  1. It Breaks the Gym Tedium

One reason many people end up slowly stop showing up to the gym or logging in miles on the treadmill is simply because it gets too routine and boring. Suspension training with a trainer breaks up that monotonous cycle by giving a great workout that’s both challenging, fun and personal.

  1. Low Risk of Injury

Suspension training is particularly good at staying a low-impact exercise. That being the case, people who use this system end up training much more efficiently than traditional workouts. When compared to lifting weights, running or using gym equipment, the risk for injury with TRX suspension is very low and that allows people to give it their all.

  1. Anyone Can Do It

Unlike high-impact workouts, suspension training is less likely to aggravate pre-existing pain. Furthermore, the workouts themselves can be made easier or more difficult by just shifting your body weight or slightly manipulating a move. This inherent benefit helps make TRX workouts appropriate to virtually anyone no matter their fitness levels.

For the best private trainer in New York, contact the Julian Walker Studio at (212) 523-1383 or send Julian a message to learn more about the Julian Walker Fitness System or to begin a training program. Helpful guidance from a knowledgeable and dedicated trainer like Julian can make all the difference in your healthier lifestyle journey.