3 Biggest Benefits of Full Body Training at Julian Walker Studio

3 Biggest Benefits of Full Body Training at Julian Walker Studio

JulianSpace3156Traditionally, trying to get a full body workout at the gym meant going from machine to machine to work on one or two muscle groups at a time. After a few reps and sets, you’d move on, then return to the gym the next day to work on a different set of muscle groups. Rinse and repeat every day of the week until you’ve finally got to strength training your entire body, right?

The good thing about the fitness world, is that it’s ever-evolving. New advances and new workout systems are constantly being developed and refined, allowing us to work out the entire body  in a single go rather than doing one repetitive motion fifty times before moving on to another repetitive motion. With a full body suspension training system, people can break away from the traditional mold of visiting a gym six times a week and embrace the benefits of using a full body workout at the Julian Walker Fitness Studio in NYC.

Here are three benefits of saying sayonara to the machines and dumbbells and hello to the Julian Walker Fitness System:


  1. Have Free Time Again

With a full body training system, you no longer have to visit the gym for hours at a time almost every day of the week. When you can target your entire body with each workout, you can actually cut back your visits to two or three times per week rather than five or more, while still retaining the exact same level of fitness. Your sessions may end up being a little longer at the Studio than a traditional gym, but the workouts are more efficient and specialized – so you get more out of each visit that you would otherwise. Plus, a few minutes to an hour more a couple times a week sure beats dragging yourself to the gym on a daily basis.


  1. Maximize Muscle Recovery

Since transitioning to a full body workout means having that much more free time, you will be able to take a full day off in between each of your workouts. While the extra time is nice in itself, it also gives your body the chance to recover between trips which means your muscles will actually grow at a faster rate than if you simply tried to work out all the time and you’ll be able to avoid injury by overworking yourself.


  1. More Effective Workouts

One of the biggest hurdles in any workout routine is getting around training plateaus. With the Julian Walker Fitness System, you’ll learn how to make small adjustments to the way you move your body during workouts that’ll help you keep seeing results. With full body exercising, this can be done quite easily and will mean a more effective workout all around, especially for those who train for long-term gains.


To give full-body suspension training a try, contact the Julian Walker Studio in New York by calling (212) 523-1383 or sending the studio a message. Our training programs can be customized to fit any fitness level, and if you stick with it, we guarantee you’ll see full body results.