The Very Real Benefits of TRX Training at Julian Walker Studio

The Very Real Benefits of TRX Training at Julian Walker Studio

JulianSpace3129Many “traditional” strength trainers end up spending hours at the gym lifting free weights and attempting to make their muscles as impressively large as possible. Conversely, people who give TRX bands a try – or specifically stop by the Julian Walker Studio to try our own fitness system – usually end up making suspension training a regular part of their workouts if not the core focus of their routines.

This growing shift away from the old methods of going to the gym is happening because those who try it can feel and see the results of using these exercise straps practically immediately. While it might seem too good to be true TRX suspension training can offer a number of benefits, and working with a personal trainer who specializes in suspension exercise methods will ensure that you truly give it your all start reaping the benefits of the system, such as:

Useful Muscle Development

Unlike lifting free weights to target “glamor” muscles, a TRX trainer will show and teach you the proper techniques in activating nearly every single one of the muscles in your body. Because of this, people who use the TRX system regularly have genuine strength behind them even without looking completely bulky.

Incredible Results

Because suspension training works every muscle in the body, this exercise method ends up being a significantly more efficient workout method than separating all of your routine into individual chunks per muscle group. Your shoulders, abs, chest, back, calves, thighs, biceps and forearms all work in conjunction with each other, so your body reacts and strengthens in a shorter amount of time, especially if a TRX trainer at Julian Walker Fitness is there to help you complete each move with the proper form.

Aside from seeing faster results, you’ll also see more results. Since the Julian Walker Fitness method uses all your muscles, you’ll be able to rely on muscles you hadn’t before. This not only leads to you feeling stronger, but you’ll also notice yourself being able to run faster, jump higher, and see your overall athleticism increase.

Workout Wherever You Want

After training with a TRX expert, learning a large repertoire of movements and creating a personalized routine, you can supplement your visits to the Julian Walker Studio with smaller and shorter workout sessions at home. The suspension bands can even be toted along while you’re on vacation, so you never miss a beat of have to worry about strength or muscle depletion when you can’t hit the studio in New York.

Of course, you don’t want to nix studio time altogether. It can be so easy to give up on a fit, healthy lifestyle when other plans come up, which is why having regular sessions with one of our trainers can keep you motivated even when you feel you’ve had enough.

Are you ready to give TRX training a shot? Contact the Julian Walker Studio by calling (212) 532-1383 or sending a message online. Then sign up for one of our programs and see for yourself the incredible benefits behind the Julian Walker Fitness System.