Make TRX Suspension Training Part of Your New Year Resolution

Make TRX Suspension Training Part of Your New Year Resolution

JulianSpace046With the start of the New Year, we’re imagining the Google searches for various workouts have increased. If you’re trying to get a healthful start in 2016, and have done your own research, you might have stumbled upon TRX workouts. And if so, and if you’ve contemplated adding the full-body workout to your fitness routine, then you’re already on your way to experiencing one of the most effective ways to get into total physical shape. If you’re looking for more information on TRX workouts, or specifically, the Julian Walker Fitness System, which uses straps, weights and body leverage, this should hopefully shed some more light on the method and inspire you to give it a try.

A normal TRX equipment system involves two hanging straps that you can use for various kinds of total body resistance training. As you might have read, TRX suspension equipment and training was developed by the United States Navy Seals to deliver an incredible workout with minimal recovery period required. This also means that this total body workout is particularly effective at helping its practitioners develop useful fitness, especially in the realms of stability, movement, balance, flexibility and strength.

One of the first things that goes through people’s minds when discovering that TRX suspension training was created and developed for the Navy Seals is that there is just no way they would ever be able to do the workouts themselves. That’s not the case though. Just as TRX can be made more challenging for elite military personnel, it can easily go the other direction and be doable for practically any fitness level. It is genuinely one of the most welcoming workout systems ever created. With its unprecedented effectiveness as a fitness and health regimen, the TRX system can be done by anyone and will offer a perfect workout opportunity whether you have never before stepped foot in the gym or if you are an elite soldier who has been trained to the highest echelons of physical fitness.

After hearing about the effectiveness of this total body workout, it’s easy to see why people first assume that this system requires logging hours upon hours each week working out. The reality is quite the opposite, though. Where most people have to spend five or six days a week working out in a gym to start seeing even the smallest of results, TRX training can deliver an incredible body transformation in only two or three visits a week. Even better is that if you push yourself on each visit, those handful of workouts only need to be about 15 to 30 minutes each. You could, of course, push yourself for even more for even faster results; and that often ends up being the case since TRX suspension training is also really fun for most of the people who use the system – especially when motivated by a private trainer.

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